Mountain Abandon

Abandon your fears. Embrace the mountains.

This Is Our Story

Mountain Abandon was born from two beings’ love for all things mountain. Whenever possible they would escape their rat-raced lives to spend weekends traversing ridge lines and valleys on foot. Whether running or hiking, following a trail, or navigating by compass and map, they were in their element in the mountain wilderness. They delighted in the fascinating array of life at altitude, especially wild flowers, and after each excursion they longed for more.


Eventually they could suppress their yearnings for freedom no longer, so they deserted the city for good, abandoning themselves to a life amongst mountains. The daily drone of traffic was replaced by melodious birds, and the unbearable urban smog by pure mountain air. Within days their minds were clear, spirits soaring and bodies healthier than ever before. And from these revelations came a strong desire to share with others the wealth of a life of "mountain abandon!"

What We Offer

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"With Nicolette and Pierre's wealth of knowledge and experience I was able to complete my first ultra trail run. They not only guided my training and nutrition, but also enabled me to have the correct mindset to complete my race comfortably.


Our Drakensberg fastpacking trips helped with my conditioning, while sleeping out in the mountains was simply an experience of a lifetime. They have a deep understanding of these mountains to share and the infinite passion to do just that."

Lee Olivier

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Happy free female runner and climber.

"I’ve been lucky to know these two unique humans for some time. To mission with them is an amazing experience of learning how to live life and engage with our environment through their eyes. Nicolette is a gentle Teacher, and Pierre’s psyche and enthusiasm for the outdoors, nature, running, healthy eating and life is contagious.

It is always a privilege to move with them and I continue to learn from their experience. I feel the mountains are accessible yet still real and raw when I’m missioning with them. I’m excited to see how they will continue to learn from nature, their clients and life."

Karine Bezuidenhoudt

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