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 Running & Cycling

Our Coaching Philosophy


“Sharing the science, art and love of movement for a lifetime of sustainable and optimal performance.”


Our coaching philosophy at Mountain Abandon is a multi-faceted approach to training. Firstly, we aim to bring you the latest but most relevant and accurate science of sport. This applies to all areas of training because the way you eat, sleep and think is just as important as the way you move! Our coaches are continuously self-educating to ensure that their athletes have access to the best science-based guidance available.


The second component to our philosophy is the art of coaching. All the science in the world cannot design a training plan that is congruent with each individual’s schedule, work-life balance or training history and goals. The emotional and psychological aspect of training also falls under the art of coaching. Whether you prefer the drill-sergeant or cheer-leader coach, it will always take a human to listen, understand and motivate you when training gets tough. Unfortunately no number of automated computer comments are ever going to replace the emotional support and accountability role of a good coach...


The third aspect of our coaching approach is based on the love of movement. Mountain Abandon originates from a desire to move freely in nature and we aim to share this passion with others. Basically, everything comes down to a single simple conclusion – if you do not enjoy your training journey then your energy and time could be better spent elsewhere. So above all else, our coaches promote a fun outlook and sustainable training process which prioritises each athlete's long-term physical well-being. To perform your sport at the highest possible level is an amazing achievement, but to move optimally and comfortably in your chosen discipline and environment until an old age is perhaps an even greater accomplishment!


What We Offer

Trail & Mountain Running
For all levels, from beginner to elite - everyone has to start somewhere! Learn to ascend strongly, descend like a pro and love mountain running as much as we do!

Ultra Running
Whether it's road, trail or mountain, the further you move the more you see. With the right guidance anything is possible! 

Road Cycling & MTB
Whether it's cross-training, cruising or racing, on asphalt, gravel or technical single track, we are as passionate about the 2 wheeled sport as the 2 legged one... 

Our Coaches

Mountain Abandon currently has two qualified coaches available to athletes – Nicolette Griffioen and Pierre Jordaan. Both are competent and experienced athletes with a passion for science and a love of teaching. Athletes interested in coaching with Mountain Abandon are free to contact us to arrange a phone call with either or both of our coaches before deciding with whom they would like to train. At Mountain Abandon we believe that a good personality match is an integral part of a successful coach-athlete relationship, so read more about our coaches, contact us to arrange a phone conservation, or fire us an email with questions and we’ll be happy to answer!

Nicolette Griffioen Running coach with a mountain backdrop

Coaching Platform


FinalSurge is Mountain Abandon's choice of training platform. It is a logical and intuitive application that allows athletes of all digital abilities to view their training plan, understand their session data and provide feedback to their coach. FinalSurge is a sophisticated training platform, but without the intense reliance on algorithms as our coaches do not believe in algorithms that make predictions on an athlete's performance, form etc. While we recognise the importance of certain technical parameters and the value of some "numbers," we encourage our athletes to understand their bodies and not rely too heavily on digitally derived data. FinalSurge provides the perfect ratio of informative statistics to real human feedback and emotions. It allows us to develop meaningful relationships with our athletes in order to optimise not only physical condition but mental and emotional as well.


Check out FinalSurge


Training Programs

We offer two training packages. With both the Premium Endurance and Premium Life Package your coach designs you a custom training plan and provides you with unlimited communication. Both packages include a strength training plan to support your running and/ or cycling and aid with injury prevention. Athletes that are injury prone and require very specific approaches to strength as well as rehabilitation programs should consider the the Premium Life Package. While the Premium Endurance includes advice and insight into race day nutrition and hydration strategies, the Premium Life offers extra value to the athlete interested in the daily approach to nutrition and supporting a healthy lifestyle.  

Both plans also include discount with our gear and coffee partners:

Black Diamond Equipment and Trail Running gear

Ram Mountaineering products

Scarpa Shoes

Gegrond - Coffee for the Unrestricted

Premium Endurance

Personal coach;

Individualised training plan designed around your goals, strengths and weaknesses;

Unlimited written communication via FinalSurge, WhatsApp & email;

Continuous review and adaptation of your training plan;

Full access to the FinalSurge training platform;

Strength training plan with individualisation as necessary;

Discount on training weekends and running camps.

R1500 / $100 per month

Premium Life

Includes everything on the Premium Endurance Package with the following additions:

Extra focus on management of factors outside of training such as:

- day-to-day stressors

- work-life balance

- personal development

- mental training for endurance


- Monthly virtual consultation with Pierre

Become the optimal version of yourself! 

R2000 / $120 per month

* To combine life and nutrition packages chat to one of our coaches. 

Premium Nutrition

Includes everything on the Premium Endurance Package with the following additions:

Additional focus on management of nutrition including but not limited to the following areas:

- day-to-day nutrition

- nutrition periodization for your training

- weight management

- race day nutrition

A monthly consultation with Nicolette (UESCA certified nutritionist);

R2000 / $120 per month

* To combine life and nutrition packages chat to one of our coaches. 

Not sure which package is best for you?

Feel free to schedule a chat with Pierre or Nicolette to discuss your specific needs.

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