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Adventures & Hikes
Sentinel Amphitheatre Cloudscape Drakensberg

Sentinel-Tugela Overnight Hike

Experience the mighty Sentinel Peak.

Conquer your fear of the famous Chain Ladders.

Stand atop the Tugela Falls - Africa's highest.

Awake to a sunrise rivaled by none other.

Join Mountain Abandon for a hiking experience you'll never forget!

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Rhino Peak
in a day!

Yes! It can be done.

Summiting Africa's iconic Rhino Peak in the southern Berg should be on every South African's bucket list! Whether you're looking to run or hike, let us guide you on this tough but doable single day escarpment mission.

Running & Hiking Adventures


Mountain Abandon offers a range of guided hikes, multi-day adventure runs, fastpacking excursions and high-altitude training camps in the iconic Drakensberg mountains of South Africa. With many years of experience in 'Berg hiking and running, we have an array of favourite routes to share but are also happy to accommodate and lead your custom route of chosen peaks, passes and trails. Although we do offer day trips, we feel that the true spirit of the Drakensberg is best experienced on overnight expeditions. For this reason we encourage our clients to challenge themselves with multi-day hikes or adventure runs where our adventurers will assist them in reaching their full potential while enjoying an experience of a lifetime.



We have a growing “gear shed” with some of the best mountain hiking and running gear available. Our philosophy of using high quality, durable products means our kit is not only lightweight but also tough as nails. Depending on your mountain movement pace, season and route, we will send you a custom gear list before your expedition dates. Depending on your group size we may be able to assist with gear rental for both hiking and fastpacking. 



Our adventurers, Pierre Jordaan and Nicolette Griffioen are not only elite ultra trail and mountain runners but also qualified mountain guides. Being fully trained and qualified as an Airline Pilot and Veterinarian, they have a great respect and awareness for the safety and well being of their clients. Together they have spent 1000's of hours on top of the Drakensberg escarpment covering ample km's on foot. They have a passion for exploring different passes and finding new caves while connecting with their surroundings and sharing their love for nature with anyone that's keen to be part of the journey.

A more experienced and passionate Drakensberg couple will be hard to come by!

If adventure is what you are after, the Mountain Abandon Adventurers will lead you there!

Hiker hiking in the mountains.

Some Route Options

Northern Berg

Northern Traverse

Mont Aux Sources Trilogy


 Cathedral Peak

Central Berg

Mafadi round trip

Champagne Castle

Grey’s Pass & Ship’s Prow

Giant’s Castle

Southern Berg

Giant’s Cup Trail

Thabana Ntlenyana

Rhino Peak round trip

Drakensberg Grand Traverse

Join us for 10 days on a 200 kilometer journey of pure self-discovery and unrivalled Drakensberg magic!

*We also offer custom duration DGT's

Custom Route

Contact us with your ideas or read our blog post "Choosing a Drakensberg Hiking Route."

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