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Rhino Peak in a day! 
Guided Hike or Run

Rhino Peak is arguably the southern Drakensberg's most iconic peak. Standing proudly at 3051m altitude, it is the only significant free-standing peak south of Giant's Castle. Some like to debate whether the Rhino is of the black or white variety, but it is generally accepted the the Black Rhino is more fitting with its narrow snout, stubby horn and foul temper! Either way, the origin of the name is evident to all who have laid eyes on this beast, but a clear day's view from atop the peak rival even the splendour of the Rhino itself.

The Zulus, however, have their own story for Rhino Peak. It goes by the name Thaba Ngcobo. Ngcobo was a local sub-chief who chased a stock-killing leopard into the mountains of this area. One version of the story has him slaying the leopard and returning home, spear in hand and a tribal hero, while another version has both him and the leopard dying in mortal, hand-to-hand combat. Once you've summitted Thaba Ngcobo you're entitled to choose your favorite!

The trail is usually well maintained and a pleasure to move along through the lower valley. As you near the escarpment a fun scramble will have you topping out above the pass and a short, casual stroll will stand you on the peak. You will be hard-pressed to find a more worthwhile trip in this area, making it a must-do for every visitor to the Garden Castle area. 

Adventure Stats

Distance: 20km

Elevation gain: 1500m

Highest Point: 3051 masl - Rhino Peak

Est time: 5 - 10 hours (depending on your objective)

Best time of year: All year round except after snow fall. Although the weather can be fairly moody around Rhino, we always assess the forecasts and current conditions before heading out. 

Grade: Strenuous with mild exposure.

Cost: R1000pp (includes lunch)

Highlight: Standing atop The Rhino of course!

Standing atop Rhino Peak with all the southern Drakensberg valleys stretching away below.

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